Marons Wood Floors
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Maple flooring with a feature strip

A family owned buisness since 1985

Owner, Ed Maron, has been in the Professional wood floor business for over 20 years. He is well respected in the industry and has developed a reputation for quality work with both home owners as well as contractors. With years of experience installing, sanding, refinishing, and cleaning hardwood floors, you can rely on Marons wood floors for all of your wood floor needs. Contact us for a free quote. We are located in eastern Massachusetts, south of Boston. We also do work in Rhode Island as well as southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Here's what customers have said

"The floors look fabulous! I... was blown away by how great they look. Thanks for all your hard work"

"...a perfect job. thank you for being so kind..."

"You did a terrific job and I would recommend you to anyone"

These are actual quotes from letters received by Ed Maron

Professional Hardwood Floor Specialist serving MA and RI areas

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